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AL SULTANA is a Turkish company specialized in Fertilizers and fertilizers raw materials Trading, Production and distribution.

AL SULTANA has own fertilizer factory which produce different kinds of NPK, NP, PK fertilizers.

Our annual output is more than 100,000 tons

Our main products are ROCK PHOSPHATE, A.S, UREA, NPK, NP, MAP & MOP water soluble fertilizers and specialties and other

AL SULTANA has strong technical team in fertilizers manufacturing and strong international business team with many years of experience in field of fertilizers and fertilizers raw materials and good marketing network in regional and international market. This enables us to build good long term partnership corporation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make soils fertile and healthy, sustainable as long as possible.

We always work to offer quality and efficiency to the farmers, attaches great importance to the production of plant nutrients, which is one of the most effective agricultural inputs on productivity increase and also the basis of its industrial activities.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide people an opportunity to gain quality food making soils fertile and safe.

we aim to become a worldwide leading company in agribusiness with the “analysis guaranteed” special fertilizer types we have developed in order to get the highest yield per unit area by using minimum resources and without damaging the ecological balance.

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